Yoga For Weight Lose

yoga for weight lose

  yoga positions and Pranayama Deep Breathing Techniques for Weight Loss

  Bhastrika Pranayama

First sit serenely in a simple asana position, as sukhasana or the padmasana, and afterward, the breathing method is performed. Here, the breath is breathed in profoundly into the lungs and afterward breathed out through the two nostrils. It might be rehashed on various occasions.

  Kapal Bhati

This method is accepted to make a sparkle on the temple. While sitting in an asana position, the breath that is being breathed out is made to puff out with power. Additionally, the stomach moves inconsequently as the breath is being discharged. Jalaneti Previously warmed salty water is made to enter those nostrils through which the breath is being breathed in. For this reason, a little pot like vessel is commonly utilized. The water is made to enter from one nostril and the head is tilted to the opposite side to empower the water to spill out of the other nostril.


Lie on your stomach keeping both the hands beneath the shoulders while the feet are joined at the back. At that point gradually take in and lift your midriff upwards and in reverse however much as could reasonably be expected, this asana makes the state of a snake with the body.

  Trikon Asana

Standing straight, keep a separation of around two feet between the legs. At that point first, go to one side with the correct arm extended over the head and contacting the correct ear. Have a go at contacting your left foot with the left hand. At that point rehash a similar procedure the correct way. 

Surya Mudra

Here, the ring finger is made to settle at the foundation of the thumb, with the thumb applying a little weight on the ring finger. As this arrangement will in general increment warmth in the body frameworks, it is by and large prescribed to be drilled for fifteen to twenty minutes every day.

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